Puppies born 28.9.2021. 7 males and 4 females. Puppies are dark pigmented.


I have been working with dogs since 1993. when I became canine officer guiding police dog "Medo". On the same year I have started training dogs for police purposes. I was a member of special forces "Alpha" where I worked intensively on dog training for military purposes, specifically for counter-terrorist operations. These drills where located in the harsh environment of Velebit mesa.

In 2003. I became commanding officer of search dogs in Zagreb police headquarters. Kennels "Od Slunja" have been registered in 2003. I am mostly working with official dogs trained for military, police and security. I have also worked with dogs specialised on explosives and narcotics detection.

After years of hard work I can claim myself an expert in the field of Belgian shepards and police dogs as well as household dogs. I also manage training courses for other dog breeds as well as preparing dogs for exhibits and shows. Amongs these activities I can also provide advice on choosing a breed or buying a specific dog.

address::Ilovnjak 30, 10410 Velika Gorica



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